Premium Quality

Cones & Dishes

Hard Ice Cream & Soft Serve


-Almond Joy

-Black Raspberry

-Cake Batter

-Cherry Vanilla


-Chocolate Almond

-Chocolate Chip

-Choc. Chip Cookie Dough

-Coffee (w/ Choc. Ripples)

-Cookies & Creme

-Cotton Candy

-Maple Walnut

-Mint Choc. Chip

-Orange Chocolate

-Orange Sherbet

-Orange Pineapple

-Peanut Butter Blast

-Pomegranate Sherbet

-Rum Raisin

-Salty Caramel Swirl



-Strawberry Banana


-Vanilla Yogurt (fat free/sugar free)

-Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt

ice cream cone

Lemon & Tangerine Ice

Fat, Cholesterol & Dairy Free
Soft Serve Custard & IcesHomemade Hard
Kiddie 1 Scoop$2.40$2.80
Small 2 Scoop$3.35$3.95
Medium 3 Scoops$4.75$5.75
Large 4 Scoops$6.15$7.45

Doggy Delight-$2.00

(Soft Vanilla with dog bone)

Waffle Cone or Bowl $1.00 Extra
Specialty Cone $.50 Extra
Sprinkles $.50 Extra
Walnuts or Almonds $.95 Extra
Additional Toppings $.80 Each


Vanilla, Chocolate, Fudge & Cookie Crunch

Large Sheet* (11″x 15″)26-30$61.95
Medium Sheet* (9″x 13″)18-22$49.95
Small Sheet* (7.5″x 11.5″)12-16$35.95
Large Round (9″)10-14$29.95
Medium Round (8″)8-12$25.95
Small Round (7″)6-8$20.95
Petite Round (6″)4-6$17.95

*Sheetcakes By Pre-order Only

Fruit or Hard Ice Cream Layer

Price Per Layer

Medium or Large Sheet———— $4.50
Large Round or Small Sheet———— $4.00
Medium Round———— $3.50
Petite or Small Round———— $3.00
Decorations $3.50-$5.00


Ice Cream Sandwich

Single $2.50

6 Pack $13.50

Nutty Bar

ice cream bar

Vanilla Ice Cream, Fudge, Spanish Peanuts, Covered with Chocolate Cone Dip on a stick


Lemon & Tangerine Ice Cups $2.50


Hard Ice Cream—- $8.50
Custard Ice Cream—- $7.75
Lemon & Tangerine Ice—- $7.00

*Ask about our fresh packed quarts

Milk Shakes


Small $4.90


Large $5.90


-Black Raspberry

-Peanut Butter

Extra Thick/ Malt $.75/Extra

Ice Cream Soda———- $5.40
Floats———- $5.40
Iceberg (Lemon Ice & Sierra Mist Soda)———- $5.40


Bottled Water———- $1.50
Bottled Drinks———- $1.85
Milk———- $1.85
Hot Chocolate———- $1.85
Coffee———- $1.85
Tea———- $1.85


All Sundaes Include 1 Topping & Whipped Cream & Cherry

Small 1 Scoop $4.50
Medium 2 Scoops $5.30
Large 3 Scoops $6.35

Additional Toppings $.80/Topping
*Walnuts & Almonds $.95/Extra